People can be so lovely!

While trawling through marketing advice I stumbled upon this review for my book, which after a stressful day, really warmed my heart! It’s so lovely the way people who don’t have to, write the nicest things!

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Animation exploring cloning “Alchemi” Ross and Bella Woodfield

alchemi still

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10,000 are on the housing waiting-list; at least another 20,000 are functionally homeless as sofa-surfers or in overcrowded conditions; the city has 5,000 empty properties and 7,000 empty commercial premises. Yet the council still insist on permitting planning permission for 1000’s more of these overpriced, shoddy shoeboxes…

Dicmortimer's Blog

It’s a question all Cardiffians have asked: “Who the hell lives in those apartment blocks down the Bay?”  Well, after weeks of surveillance watching comings and goings, I have the answer: some are let to businesses for managers attending a conference or a corporate jamboree; some are used by the BBC as temporary digs for actors or as venues for end-of-production parties; some are hired out as bases for weekend-long stag and hen dos; some are in the hands of nice retired couples from Ceredigion up in Sin City twice-a-year for a show at the WMC; some are brothels; some are cannabis factories; some are warehouses for knocked-off goods; some contain hives of illegal immigrants sleeping in shifts; some are left empty to accrue value as a pension pot; some are repossessed awaiting auction; and a few, a very few, are actually peoples’ homes. The poor sods.

The names, with their idiot-proof suggestiveness, vacuous…

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I’m leaving on a jet plane..

Well not actually leaving- simply drawing pictures of aeroplanes today-

They end up like this..

Example illustration

Example illustration

But it makes a change from worry!

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How to make Peppa Pig pancakes this Pancake Day


This is how the Peppa Pig pancake should turn out - share yours with us a@MetroUK (YouTube/Things To Draw) This is how the Peppa Pig pancake should turn out – share yours with us a@MetroUK (YouTube/Things To Draw)

We can all agree that Pancake Day (16 February people) is the best day in the culinary calendar – and that’s when pancakes are just the standard round sort with sugar and lemon on top.

But if you could make pancakes shaped like Peppa Pig wouldn’t Pancake Day be even better?

At least it will if you have a child under six living in your house.

If you do, blow their mind with this fancy trick.

I think we can all agree that is pancake gold.

And just imagine the possibilities – you could write each person’s name on their pancake or draw a self-portrait.

Or you could skip all of that and do what, let’s face it, history (and these stories here and here) tell us most people will actually do.

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Making It: Jeremy Ley’s tips on becoming a successful illustrator . PART 1 .

Graffiti Tribe

For aspiring illustrators, getting ahead is hard work. Competition is steep and the appetite for stylised illustrative work can be sporadic. Establishing a unique brand that can appeal to a mass commercial market, whilst attracting the eyes of advertising agencies is not easy.

To help me in figuring my, “where to from here” plan, I sat down to ask established illustrator, Jeremy Ley, what his thoughts were on the whole matter…

This Charming Man This Charming Man

How did you get into illustration?

I’ve been working for nine years now in illustration.

It was actually after university I learnt how to draw but before then I did life-drawing classes and just doodled in my sketchbook.

At university, I studied creative advertising and after that I ended up going into an advertising agency for about two months. I then realised that I didn’t want to do it.

I spent the next ten months at home…

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Power For The People! Library closures in Cardiff averted after hundreds protest

Seems like everyone turning out to protest at Cardiff councils plans to close 7 libraries in our city had the desired effect – after hundreds of people turned out to protest the Council have done a U turn and now say they not close the libraries!

People Power does work!!

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