Made In Roath 2014 – festival picks!

All events happening over this weekend and they are all freeeeee #Madeinroath

We Are Cardiff

Okay, so ARGH, it’s already mid October, and it’s ALREADY MADE IN ROATH WEEKEND!

made in roath banner 2014

In a nutshell … Made In Roath is an arts festival that takes over the Roath neighbourhood, bringing together tens of events, exhibitions, happenings, be-ins, participatory events, workshops … basically, anything that’s art-related? They’ve probably got it going on.

I’ve been so busy I’ve not had a chance to give the festival a proper blog yet, and seeing as it’s already started (eep!) I thought I’d just outline a couple of things going on this weekend you might want to visit. But really, there are a trillion things on, and actually you’ll have a brilliant time if you just turn up in Roath Saturday morning, grab a Made In Roath pamphlet from somewhere (or download it from here), stick your finger on any of the events and just go marching around to see what’s happening.

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