Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blog.. I am an artist, and recently, have become what appears to be termed, an “Indie -Author”. I think I should be an “Indilla-author”, as I am trying to write and illustrate my own stuff. Author is a bit of a fancy term- It sounds as if I should be a pale and pained individual, swishing around a Georgian house in my velveteen gloves and silk gowns, constantly scribbling and tapping away on my antique typewriter. Maybe I am.. bring me my smelling salts.

I live in Wales, with my daughter and husband, and currently work for Cardiff uni, as a graphic artist. I have illustrated over 30 educational titles and have written and illustrated my own books, which I am in the process of publishing via the Amazon Createspace indie publishing platform. The first one is up on Amazon, after many, many failed attempts at getting it published as an e-Book. If you want to spend your entire life trawling through the ocean of books on sale on their site, you might find me- (around number 265000 and falling I think), but at least it would give you something to do on a wet Sunday afternoon, alternatively I could just give you the link.




Feel free tp add any comments/ advice or interesting links


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Illustrator, Author and designer
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